A list of the top diesel generators

A diesel generator is an electromechanical machine that generates electricity. The engine consists of a diesel engine connected to an alternator. Its main purpose is to supply power when the electricity grid is not available due to various factors (remote areas, grid stability, malfunctions). Developing countries have unsustainable networks and therefore make extensive use of diesel generators. In developed countries, the network is generally stable, so applications only in areas such as critical power (hospitals, data centers, airports), commercial areas where energy disruptions are significant and remote areas (mines, communities) where network supply is limited. Other uses include military, naval, and telecommunications. The type of top diesel generator required depends on several features, including:

• Reliability

• High performance

• Efficiency

• Durability

• easy to use

The top diesel generator

1.Generac 6864 XD5000E

Although Generac 6864 XD5000E has a low power output, it is still rated among the best diesel generator available in the market today; this brand is very portable and is known to produce clean energy. It has got an impressive design that can easily fit for heavy-duty purposes, to make this brand more protective, it has got a fully welded steel frame that protects the outer part of the generator this steel frame makes it easy to carry around as well, another attribute possessed by this brand is that it produces a stable output that is closer to that of inverter generator with only 5% harmonic distortion so you can connect your sensitive device without worry.


-it has a portable design

– it can run for a long time


it does not have a battery

2.Cummins Onan Quiet Series RV QD10000

This type of generator is mostly design for RVs. This is a very powerful generator that is capable of running three AC unit at the same time due to it 10000-watt surge and 8000-watt continuous power. This generator is suitable for homes because it can help you solve all your power problem. this generator does not come with a fuel tank in it, so you will be required to connect the fuel tank separately to the generator to run the engine


– it has s remote start

– it has a high power output


-not portable

3 Power Products Sigma 7000W

The Sigma 7000W is a powerful diesel generator used to run many house power appliances without any problem. This model has a running wattage of 5500 watts and starting wattage of 7000 watts. This high power capacity makes it effective to run big machines in the house, for example, fridges, air conditioners, and electric stoves. It is a small and portable generator and produces 68 dB of noise at its full working capacity. Sigma has of 4-gallon capacity that enables it to run for 8 hours for half load.


-Fuel efficient

-low maintenance

-It’s cheaper compared to other models

-low noise level

-good run time



-Does not have advanced features

In conclusion, it is important to understand the application and the environment in which the diesel generator operates. There are several models of diesel generators from different brands on the market. To ensure the best and most affordable purchase, it is better to search brands available online offering different models of diesel generators. When buying a diesel generator, it is important that you determine its purpose.